Start-up Lending

Women Entrepreneurs has a loan program designed to assist women starting their business.

Objectives of the Loan Fund are to:

Types of Loans

There are two types of loans that women can apply for:

  1. The General Loan program for loans totaling a maximum of $150,000
  2. The Micro Loan program for loans of $5,000 or less. Eligibility criteria and interest rates apply as in the regular loan program.


An applicant must be a woman, or women, who own and control the business. Woman owned is defined as 51% or more ownership in the business.

Many of the businesses we lend money to are sole proprietorships, partnerships and incorporated companies comprised of both men and women business owners.

Women Entrepreneurs does not exclude or discourage male business partners. Currently 23% of all loans have some participation and support from male partners.

Terms and Conditions

The business must be operating or about to operate in the Province of Saskatchewan. The applicant(s) must be a Saskatchewan resident, 18 years of age or older and must be a full member of Women Entrepreneurs for the term of the loan.

Individual and businesses seeking to start, purchase or expand a business can access the loan fund provided the project meets the fund's objectives and the applicant is an eligible borrower. Eligible use of funds can be for the purchase of:

The term of the loan and repayment schedules relate directly to the nature and needs of the borrower and the project, while the interest rate is set at chartered bank prime rate plus 3%.

There is no limit to the number of loans any one client business may have, however; the maximum loan(s) shall not exceed $150,000.


The borrower(s) sign a debenture, which includes a general security agreement on all business assets. In some cases, if real property is involved or available a mortgage is registered. An assignment of appropriate insurance on assets is required. A guarantee and postponement of claim may also be requested.

How to Access the Loans Program

Potential loan clients must work with a business advisor prior to applying for a loan. Submit the Advising and Lending Access Form or call Women Entrepreneurs at 1-800-879-6331 to meet with an advisor.

To be eligible for a loan with Women Entrepreneurs the client must provide:

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